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 Hi All, My book Nightmare in the Woods in about my experiences with the mysterious Cryptid known as The Dogman. I had no idea what I had seen ,but after my second encounter here in Arizona I researched for a clue. The book is just my recounting. Partly fiction , mostly not. I am a wife of twenty-seven years and mother to three wonderful, grown sons, and foster sons. I began writing at the age of ten just as a way to release my thoughts through story. I am the Founder and Head writer of the website The Purple Rose aimed at Akathisia educations. Plus the site offer Recovery information, Recipes and just plain fun during COVID 19 as I share picture from here and there of my adventures. I am an Emergency Medical Technician by trade and truly love my job serving my community and following my dreams. Plus I am a Psychology major. A second book is in the works on the Paranormal in General. All proceeds for my books go to help my local Fire Department. Mayer Fire Department and St. Jude's Children Hospital.

Grams' Little Helper

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Reviews of my books

Ursula Johnson rated it

Really liked it Terrifying Encounters with Dogman This short book is one woman's account of her repeated encounters with the Dogman. They are truly terrifying. She has encountered it several times in her life. While we are given a biography of her life, it is not explained why it seems to seek her out. Several great resources are mentioned including the dog man encounters website and podcasts, as well as Tom Lyons' excellent Bigfoot series. A quick read, there are some grammatical errors. There are several frightening encounters.

Emma Davis

A lovely story of a selfless little girl and the love she has for her “Grams”. Heartbreaking at times but uplifting in that it reminds us that there is good in the world. Thank you Christyne Anne, Merry Christmas xx

Steffie Diana from AK

   I loved Christyne Anne's books, They draw you in right away.  The author has an interesting and enjoyable writing style. The subjects are always interesting and the books easy to read. I recommend her books and look forwards to more.