Trump COVID Positive

President Trump test Positive for Coronavirus

Last week President Donald J Trump and First Lady Malania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. The Purple Rose wishes them both a speedy recovery. Haven said that; much has happened in that week worth noting. Last Friday the American people and the world were informed of the President COVID 19 status. At that time The President, First Lady and three others were known to be positive for the virus. The end of the day Friday had the President boarding Marine One for Walter Reed Medical Center. The President appeared to walk across the lawn under his own stream. It was later revealed the President received supplemental oxygen before and after getting onto the craft. It was reported at the time President Trumps was being moved for precautionary reasons so his condition could be watched more closely. It was later learned the President had at least two episodes where is oxygen dropped to alarming stats, he had a fever and was very fatigued. All signs that point to a more serve case of the virus.

President Trump received two different trail medications for COVID19 Remdesivir and Regenron as well has a steroid commonly used to treat patients known to have severe cases of the virus. The press and the American people were told the President was feeling fine and all was well. Actions speak louder than words. The lack of overall consisted and transparency was noted as was the growing number of those affected at the White House.

Sunday, President Trump didn’t tell anyone as he planned a surprise drive by greeting of loyal supporters outside Walter Reed. The President did not stop to think one second about how many innocent people he may be putting in danger of the virus. He wanted to project strength and assurance to his supporter that was what mattered. What was in his best interested not those around him. It was later pointed out everyone involved would now be in quarantine and some may get sick and may even die as a direct result.

Today October 8, 2020, 212,000 people have now died of the Coronavirus here in the Untied States. The President however still fails to see how serious this virus is. He still compares this virus to the Flu. We have now had more death from COVID 19 than in the last five years of the flu. He was also quoted as saying “Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. Your going to beat it.” The President does not seem to grasp he received better medical care than the average American would because he is the President of The United States! Today The Journal of New England Medicine called the President’s Administration out say, “They have taken a crisis and turned it into a Tragedy”

Mixed Singals

 Recently the White House decided to take the information that was being given to the CDC regarding the Coronavirus. The number of infected, reported death, and hospitalizations. President Trump and Staff are now being seen wearing mask in public. Briefing are taking place again.

What brought about this sudden change in our President? It is simple this is all for show. Mr. Trump knows he is losing in the polls and knows his horrific performance in this pandemic is one of the major causes. Mr. Trumps recent refusal to pay his respect Civil Rights Figure John Lewis adding another nail in his coffin. The disrespect to The African American community is beyond insensitive.

I find it interesting that as this change from the CDC to the White for reporting took place, Arizona’s number appeared to begin flattening. The reported number do not match this of course. There are more deaths every day. The number of infected each day are still over 1000 to 2000. So, I am not buying this flatting of the curve.

There is also the continuing bullying of our President. He said he would cut funding to school who did not have in person classes. President Trump does not have that control. It is up to parents and school official and State offices to determine if it is safe for our children to return to school. I personally chose online classes ONLY. If I had school age children, they would be Home Schooled before I felt safe sending them back to a public school.

Update to Reopening of States Too Soon:

The increase in coronavirus cases in Arizona since its May 15th should be setting off alarms for many. Where were those case numbers as of May 15th? Where are how many people are infected now? What factors lead to these increases and what can be done about the spread of COVIS19?

May 15th,2020, Arizona reopened after three weeks of a state-wide lockdown. The number of COVID cases at that point were just over 13,000 with nearly 850 deaths. Today, not even a full month later those numbers have surged to near 80,000 confirmed cases and 1,635 deaths. Some hospitals are nearing full capacity and others are warning should this trend continue a true disaster is in the make. Arizona is not alone in theses spikes in cases, Florida, California, and Texas are also seeing such incredible raises in cases of coronavirus infections. Florida currently has 122,960 cases with 3,366 deaths, Texas135,151 cases with 2,317 and California is now second only to New York in cases with 201,290 and 5,309 deaths. What caused these surges in cases? I can’t speak on any state but Arizona.

The state opened just in time for Memorial Day week. People flocked to recreational spots with little thought to social distancing. Arizonians went back to their pre-COVID 18 behaviors and cases have soared ever since. What part did the protesting have to play in the increases? A small part perhaps, the main problem is people are not concerned about getting ill from COVID because it only kills older people and too many believe it will not affect them personally. The average age of those sicken are between 24 – 40 age group. Why this age group, this is the age you as a human being normal feel immoral. The age as humans we rarely truly think about long term consequences. This is usually something that comes with maturity itself. The result is 66,499 cases of COVID 19.

What can be done about it? I think about what should be done about this pandemic. Governor Doug Ducey locked the state down with much less cases, when there was plenty hospital bed spaces and ventilators. The State needs this now more than before to protect its residents. It won’t happen because of politics sadly but the spread needs slowing or the numbers will keep climbing. Governor Ducey did give each city the right to decided protocols to some degree what to do for their resident, but that not enough in The Greater Phoenix area which includes Glendale, Peoria, Surprises, El Mirage, Laveen, Tempe, Mesa , Gilbert, Scottdale, Moon Valley, Paradise Valley and Anthem. All these little cities make the Phoenix area, and all touch one another. The protocols to be effective would have to be passed equally by all the cities. The only reason this state is not being locked down again is pure politics and economics. Governor Doug Ducey is a Republican that supports President Trump. Trump has handled this virus badly from the start. The President continues to do so After all he “jokes” about it quite a bit. Like the joke we slow testing, so it slows cases of COVID. I heard this; he was not joking! The testing makes him look bad and he knows it. Trump doesn’t like anything that makes him look bad. So no what needs to be done won’t be done. What can be done, simple people start following CDC guidelines and take COVID serious.

Should We Reopened?

How Safe is Reopening Our Countries and States? This is one difficult question to answer, obviously we can not be in lockdown forever. Many of us need to work, Our children need educations, and our lives need to bloom again. The question here is, is that time now? If not when?

The World Health Organization warns that reopening too soon can see an overwhelming raise in Coronavirus cases. This next wave could in fact be worst than this first wave has been. There is also the fact that for some area their number have yet to peak, much less level off. What does that tell us? My own state of Arizona has finally reopened (in stages) but with a new theme. Governor Doug Ducey is promoting, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe , and Stay Connect. What is that to mean? Hundreds of people this week alone rushed to one of our states most popular water activity, tubing down the Salt River. Arizona has yet to even peak in its cases.

The truth be known one of our county that had no to little infections in the last week has jumped from a mere 71 confirmed cases to 262 case. Many of the seriously ill are children. This should be saying something to someone. There is the other side of this as well, testing is now widely available. This also may play a huge part in our recently growing number. This does not change the fact that nearly 14,000 people have tested positive for COVID 19 in our state. It does make those cases easier to track and hopefully slow the spread of the illness. Meanwhile for now our hospital are not over run. Arizona does seem to have things running smoothly. This will not be the case if people act as if COVID 19 no longer is a threat.

Sadly COVID 19 has been a game changer for many. We are still at least two years out from a workable, doable, vaccine. In the mean time the Coronavirus is here to stay. It will continue to stricken people and sadly kill people. It will continue to change our daily lives. Opening up our countries and states too soon is just asking for everything we have gained so far to be for nothing. We have no cure for this illness, people can be carriers and have no symptoms or ones so mild they are barely noticeable. This is not the time to just pretend the last few months have not happened. It time to remember them, so Bless us all we don’t ended up with far worst.

This is not just the leader of our states and countries people, we need to do our parts too. Continue social distancing, choose activities that don’t involve large groups of people. Stay informed, and make sure your voices are heard too. Also don’t give up hope. Someday this too will be but a memory. We just probably are not there quite yet! Be Safe! Kelly

COVID 19 Helpful Hints!

Hints! Dearest Readers,

During this time of crisis across the globe due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the impact on us all, I have decided to address the issues many of you emailed me about. The first question on everyone’s mind is …Why hasn’t The Purple Rose written anything on the matter? Fair question.

1. I have been ill.

2. None of us here are experts in the area

3. The news and Health Officials are the best resources at this time.

4. And most importantly The Purple Rose is about Akathisia. We print other content in hopes of drawing more readers to educate them about Akathisia and also to give much needed HOPE to suffers.

You are Readers are of course our main concern and we are here to help. So let us get to some of your questions.

How is COVID 19 spread? Through droplets when a person sneeze or cough and person to person contact with ill people.

How Can I protect myself? First and most important… wash , wash ,wash those hands. If you can not uses 60% alcohol hand sanitizer.

How do you know you have washed your hands 20 seconds? Great question!! Two choruses of Happy Birthday song or Row, Row ,Row Your Boat. Wash up to the wrist, between finger (front and back) , press nails from opposite hand into other scrub there , repeat. Rises in a downwards motion, DO NOT FLING HANDS, uses a paper towel , pat dry toss in waste can, uses second to turn sink off. Is the best way.

Should I wear a face mask? Sick people should! If you are not sick the choice is yours.

Should I wear gloves? The same as above.

How long does COVID last? It depends on the person.

What can I do when I am quarantined? Another great question? I have done a terms worth of homework, read two books, painted a picture, caught up on The Purple Rose, and rested when need be. In other words do what you can to relax , recover , and enjoy what you can. Great time to just relax and try to enjoy as much as you can.

How do I talk to my children about COVID 19? Another awesome question!!! Remain calm, remember the little ones and even teen pick up on our stress, anxiety and anger. Uses age appropriate language. Try to reassure the kids as much as possible. It does no good for anyone if the kids are freaked out as well.

Is it okay I am scared of this virus? Yes of course it is! This is a difficult time for many of us. I have been on this Earth 52 years and have not seen anything like it. There is no cure, data is still being gathered and more people are getting sick. We are seeing our numbers grow daily here in Arizona. Remember part of this in the states in due to testing being more available , and easy assessable.

Should I be tested?

If you have been around someone with COVID 19

Been in affected area in the last 14 days

Have symptoms Remember it is still Flu season and many are having seasonal allergies too! If you are sick self-quarantine. If you use a tissue, throw it away right after uses, clean surfaces and stay away from unaffected family member to limit exposer. For more information contact or your state health department. Here is hoping you all stay safe. My Readers that are ill, get well soon.

Best Wishes for all and Prayers, Christine Anne Kelly

No Support For You Mr. President

A week ago, I gave support to both President Donald Trump and Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey, I am now in light of recent events rescinding support. Both have sadly disappointed me and in my opinion have let the people they serve down. President Trump seems more concerned about the economy than the American people. This is not surprising Trump is a businessman first and foremost. It is how I have seen our President from day one and questioned exactly how effective he would be as a Leader overall. I did foresee him doing great things for our economy as President, which in part he has done.

The issue I have with President Trump in recent statement that are a danger to American during this time of crisis. The reusing of mask to start with. Never rise out a mask with hand sanitizer! The alcohol in the solution will irritate your lungs leading to an infection. Do not reuse gloves, you must change your gloves this virus stays on surfaces for long periods of times. You can spread infections and not just the COVID 19 virus! Also remember to wash hands often for 20 seconds. If you uses hand sanitizer it is only good for 7 – 10 times before washing hands is a must. I learned this from EMS and CNA Classes.

Another issues I had with the President was the suppose cure. This is not a reality yet and has NOT been proven to work. The drug Chloroquine that treats Malaria has serious side effects and can be fatal. The Drug is used to treat parasites that cause Marilia that Mosquito carry. The other drug mentioned was the Z pack (Zithromax)(Azithromycin) , This drug is an antibiotic used to treat upper respiratory illness. While most of the time when treating people with Chloroquine an antibiotic is used and this may seem like a good combination please remember me are dealing with a virus. I for one believe strong Trump is overlying this so called “cure” and putting out false information, that he is in fact as President doing more harm than good to the American people. Neither of these drugs are meant to treat a virus. Moreover, people have lost their lives using the Malaria cure trying to combat the COVID 19 virus. This is unacceptable Mr. President!

The biggest issue is that both our President and Governor Ducey are not doing all they can to prevent the spread. Slowing this virus cannot be done unless there is a STAY AT HOME order that other countries enacted for their citizen too late, Let the US learn from this trend and not repeat it. Yes, more lives are lost from traffic accident and the flu Mr. President however unlike this virus both are preventable, and both can be stopped. One people need to watch where they are going and be more alert and not drive under the influence and the other has a vaccine . COVID 19 can be prevent if action is taken now, but the is no real “Cure” This illness is not about our economy, it about American lives. People who vote for you.

In was a shameless plead from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked that Grandparent sacrifice themselves for their grandchildren’s future . Being a Lady I will give no further comment other than , please check yourself at the door. This is not just an elderly virus and person young and old alike who has health issues can become seriously ill. Mr. Patrick wake up and deal with reality as it is.

This is one last thought before closing, there are now 326 cases in Arizona, most where I live. There has been five death and two removed people at last count. I have seen stats from other states where the death toll out weights those recovered. I question this trend. In China they finally came out of their homes , just to see the virus spreading again. What does this tell us? In Two days ago in Italy the number of death rose 651 bring the totally to 5, 476 death. This is after the Country locked down and people are still dying. In the US the number of death from the new virus is at675, that 82 from yesterday, recovered 333 and 49,924 American have the COVID 18 Virus. This is being recorded as of March 24th, 2020. Mr. President how many voters will died before you take this virus seriously?! Christine A. Kelly Source BBC, U.S Global, Associated Press.

Spreading Cheer

Spread so Cheer

  Many people and busieness during The COVID 19 virus panidemic are putting their Christmas lights back up as both a symbol of HOPE and to spread cheer. We at the Purple Rose wish to Honor this and are are keeping our traditional Christmas background until this virus is threatening us no more. 

FootPrints Prayer

I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord and

Across the sky flashed screnes from my life from my life, for each I noticed two set 

of footprints;One was mine and the other was my Lord's When the last 

sence of my life flashed before us,I looked back at the footprints in the sand

I noticed that many times  along mypath of life

There was only one set of footprints

I noticed that this happened at the lowest parts of my life

and the saddest of times.

This bothered me and I questioned the Lord about it,

Lord you said once I decided to follow you

you would walk with all the way

But I noticed that during the

most troublesome parts of my life

There is only one set of footprints

I don't understand why in the times I

needed you the most, you should leave me

The Lord replied :My percious, percious Child

I love you and would never, never leave you

during your trails and suffering

When you see only one set of footprints

It was when I carried you.