The Akathisia Support Group

Support for Akathisia

   In recent weeks I have been working to bring Valdation for those who are/ have been suffering from Akathisia. Please email me if you wish to join directly @ . Finally there is people willing to listen but first we have to show why there is such a need.

Thank you,


Validation and Support Akathisia Warriors

Akathisia Warriors Welcome

   A few months back I got an email from a member(s) of Akathisia Warriors. This wonderful group in the name of Validation and Support via Instagram i are raising awareness about Akathisia. These amazing pioneers are trying to put faces to Akathisia, mine of course is one of them.

   The Purple Rose has joined with Akathisia Warriors in the hopes of reaching more people and raising awareness at the same time. It no secert I want to change how people who develope this adverse side effect get treated, starting with Akathisia being recogized for the Syndrome or Condition Akathisia is. 

   Akathisia Warriors have the right idea first this condition must be Validated for what it is first. Doctors need to understand better what their patients are experiencing instead of just making assumptions based on not actually listening to those patients. 

   We the Warriors and survivors need for future patients to also fight for them. Changes need to happen and I am glad these brave Akathisia Warriors asked me to join our common cause. I am proud to announce our partnerships


Oh Those Lies!!!

There is much misinformation about Akathisia out there that it both sadden me and angers me. Akathisia in and of itself is a very misunderstood condition. Here are a few of the lies out there that anger me the most because there are people suffering out there that need help, that are truly being mistreated, misunderstood and left feeling alone.

1. Akathisia is a mere inter restlessness- This is what the doctors see. The shifting of legs, marching in place, rocking and swinging of the legs. These are what we call in the medical community Objective finding. The symptoms we can see. Let’s talk about the Subjective feelings. Anxiety so bad it is 24/7 Anger Not being able to eat Not sleeping for days Physical pain Tick, twitches, and tremors Dark thoughts Fear, some times mild and at times intense depending on time of day to the day. Thoughts of suicide Thoughts of homicide Homicide Suicide. Does this really sound like just an inter-restlessness?

2 Once the medication that caused the Patient to develop Akathisia is removed it takes a week or two to feel better. It can take months to years. I have yet to me one person who has recovered in a short time as I have yet to meet another survivor period!

3 Only Psych Patients and Drug addicts get this condition- Not true there are over 100 medication ranging from high blood pleasure meds, anti-nausea, anti-histamine and even antibiotics. Perhaps the oness I find most upsetting is Chemo-therapy drugs have also been found to cause Akathisia. Like those poor people are not already in hell.

The biggest lie out there is Akathisia is just a adverse side effect to these medications. Akathisia is a movement disorder etc.. Akathisia is neurology in it make up. It is more like an unexpected injury caused by these medication and the sooner is recognized as such , the sooner those suffering may actually have the best shot at getting better.



      What is Serotonin Syndrome? How does this syndrome relate to Akathisia? Serontoin Syndrome is a collection of smptoms related to toxicity of Serotonin levels that including Akathisia.

    Serotoin is a neurotransmitter that naturally occurs in the brain. Serotonin helps the nerve cells and brain communicate. If communication is off , this causes choas in the nervous system.

   Many psychology medication such as anitpsychotics, SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) , SSNI's (Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors) and a few others can cause this syndrome.

   Research into Serotonin Syndrome became a wide concern after the death of a young teenage girl in New York. The blame was first placed on the overworked  resident physician; thus in acting Libby Lion's Law limiting the number of hours said doctors can work. Today it is widely believed she perished due to Serotonin Syndrome from a drug interaction between Phenelizine and Pethidine. (Note the close spellings)

   Symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome:

Increase Heat Rate


High Body Temperture

dilated pupils 


Dilated pupils






    Many of you who suffer from Akathisia (as I did ) recogizes the overlap of symptoms of Akathisia. Stands to reason since many of the same medications causes  Serotonin Syndrome. The difference Serotonin Syndrome can cause serious problems. Please reseach further for more information.

Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body

I am  supposed to be on a trip to Georgia to visit my youngest son.I should be somewhere between Oklahoma City and the Arkansas border right about now, however I am home sitting behind my desk writing this. Why you may ask? I didn't listen to my body telling me I need to see a doctor .and the sooner that I saw a doctor the better it would be I was coming into the town of Camp Verde,Arizona ,driving down a winding road when suddenly I started having severe chest pains .I had been having minor ones for the last few days but honestly I thought nothing of it .These pains were different ,they were taking my breath away. I calmly pulled into a McDonald's dial 911. I sat and waited for the paramedics to show up all the while thinking this was the big one I was having a heart attack !!!

I really should have listened to what my body had been trying to tell me. Now I am stuck at home, bored out of my mind and wishing I had seen a doctor sooner. I would be enjoying that trip to Georgia and you see my son. I was lucky it wasn't a heart attack and the fix is fairly simple. My hernia had come out of place and there is a lot of inflammation around the area. All I needed was some simple medications, however the delay in treatment has me laid up in bed for the next 2 week. It important that we listen to our bodies. This was one lesson I thought I had learned long ago. It sad I still had not. Now I disappointed my son yet again and I am feeling a little scared. I was lucky this time but what about the next time.

So People, Do you listen to your bodies? Here are some tips for healthy living:

1. Keep your doctors appointment! (I canceled three to be able to leave on time. I was in too much of a rush to slow down and take care of me.)

2. Eat a healthy diet.

3. Practice good sleeping habits ( As we grow our needs change but you can tell if you are getting enough or too much)

4 Do stress reducing activities. People turn the TV off, head outdoors. Our bodies need sunlight to be healthy and too many people don’t get enough of it. Even if you are just grabbing a book and going outside, your body will thank you.

5.Tai Chi and Yoga taking relaxation or meditation classes are very helpful. Our minds need exercise too.

Mostly Listen to your bodies they are amazing!!! And so are YOU Kelly

One Wish!

One Wish for You

If I had one wish

for you

It would be for you to get through

It would be for you to get better

and break free from these fetters

It would be you'd would hold on

and not just be gone.

If I had that wish it would be for courage

in the face of carnage.

Most I wish for your Hope

That allows you to cope

The storm rages

but spead your wings

break free from your cages